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2021.10.9 Free Draft Event

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

2021.10.9 Free Draft Event

70.21.4 Hay Fever in Japan (N2)

Combining the fruity taste from Oriental Beauty(7.2.3) and the aroma from Jasmine(0.1.4)

Although both are light roasting,

the fruity and floral are perfectly match.

73.59.6 Tasty Apples (N2)

The sweet fruity from Beauty Empress(7.5.5) and after taste from Tieguanyin(3.9.8)

The combination makes the fruity taste goes deeper and deeper to the bottom of your throat.

09.26.3 White Grapes (CO2)

Green beans smell from Biluochun(0.2.2) and sweet roasting after tasty from Sweet Black Tea(9.6.6)

By combining these two unique teas, we get a white wine taste from them.

Injecting the carbon dioxide into the tea makes it more like a glass of champagne instead of tea.

19.42.7 Be Ready!(CO2)

Roasting taste from Chi Chong-Pouchong(1.9.7) and exclusive peppermint and cinnamon from Ruby Black Tea(9.2.6)

Medium roasting and heavily fermentation makes it like a punch in your throat.

Dare you drink it

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