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2021.10.8-11.7 Teaffogato Coupon


Double V x Wangtea Lab Tieguanyin Teaffogato Coupon

1st year annual event we cooperate with Double V to make our exclusive Tieguanyin cubic ice cream. The Tieguayin Teaffogato has Tieguanyin ice cream, fresh milk from 鮮乳坊, and our SHO[T]. We prepare variety of choice of our SHO[T], including Jasmine, Tieguanyin, Chi Chong Oolong, Golden Pouchong, Honey Black Tea, Sweet Black Tea, Ruby Black Tea, and Beauty Empress. During the event, buy any drink and you could get the coupon. (Limited)

  • During 2021/10-7-2021/11/8, buy any drink to get a coupon, (Limited quantities)

About the Teaffogato coupon

  • Order any 2 cups of our drinks, which is $100 or above, can get NT$30 discount on our Teaffogato set.

  • Only one discount will be apply to the order.

  • The coupon cannot be used in the same day.

  • The coupon expired on 2021/11/30

  • The coupon is valid with the store stamp. The right has reserved by Wangtea Lab to modified the event.






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